5G :Need More Fibers Optics or Less?

5G :Need More Fibers Optics or Less?

  • 2019-06-11
2019 is the year of 5G.Ren Zhengfei,CEO of Huawei,had said an encouraging paragraph in an interview."We don't be affected even the world is always changing.Because we have confident.Our products is betther than others so customers have to choose us.For example,few manufacturers can do 5G around the world,but Huawei is the best;there is not much manuafacturers of microwave in the world,Huawei has the most advanced technology.Only one company in the world can combine 5G base stations with the most advanced microwave technology to make a base station, and that is huawei.In the future, our 5G base station and microwave are integrated, and the base station does not need optical fiber to be able to use microwave ultra-wideband transmission."

Seems like there is no huge demand of fiber optic for 5G through Ren's words.But is that ture?

Of course not.We can analysis what Mr.Ren said.Firstly,he said only that in the future, huawei's 5G "base station back-transmission" will not use fiber optical, and not all of 5G will not use fiber optical. Secondly,we can assume other manufacturers' base stations are used in the future,"Base station back-transmission" also requires fiber optics.It proved Mr.Ren didn't say anything words that mean the demand of fiber optics will be less.

Moreover,some experts thought Huawei don't need fiber optics in the "Base station back-transmission",other communications signals will need more fiber, including the new kind needed fibers for 5G.For building plenty of base station,we maybe need a lot of fiber interconnections, with at least a few hundred million core kilometers of space.

In a word,5G is a challenge,it's also a chance.We can't make sure the demand of fiber optics in the future,but it has to be affected a lot by 5G.

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