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  •  Large Diameter Optical Fiber Cleaver

    LDC-100 Large Diameter Optical Fiber Cleaver * Applicable to cladding diameter 80μm~600μm fibers * Vacuum pump V-groove convenient to put fiber * Durable blade, lifetime more than 20000 times * Data storage 4000 groups * User friendly GUI menu, easy to operate more

  • Multi-Core Fiber Fusion Splicer

    S-22 Multi-Core Fiber Fusion Splicer The 1st Fully Automatic Multi-core Fiber Fusion Splicer in China more

  • PM fiber fusion splicer

    Polarization Maintaining (PM) Fiber Fusion Splicer S-12 *Suitable for SM/MM/PM fibers splicing * Core to core alignment, low splicing loss * Endview and Profile observation and alignment * Arc automatic calibration and splicing * PM fiber  45 and 90 degree alignment * Applicable to variety fibers splicing, such as Panda ,bow-tie and elliptical fiber more

  • LDF Splicer S-37

    S-37 LDF Speialty Fiber Fusion Splicer SHINHO S-37 is the latest model we developed, it could splice fiber cladding diameter from 125 to 500μm with low splice loss. We equipped the machine with 3 different fiber holders, and 2 pairs of spare electrodes. more

  • ribbon fiber fusion splicer

    Ribbon Fiber Fusion Splicer X950 Ribbon fiber fusion splicer for single fiber and 2-12 cores fibers Accurate fiber alignment, low splicing loss Robust industrial design, easy to operate more

  • core alignment fusion splicer

    Core to Core Alignment Fiber Fusion Splicer X900 Six motors fusion splicer, real core to core alignment technology. 6s splicing, 18s heating, identify fiber types automatically. Used for WAN/ MAN/ Telecommunication projects. more

  • fiber optical splicing machine

    Robust Multi Function ARC Fusion Splicer S16 Robust industrial design, anti-shock, dust-proof and water resistant. Touch screen display, combined with keypad operation Multi function holder for bare fiber, patch cords, drop cable etc. Fast splicing and heating, automatic ARC calibration. more

  • Thermal stripper

    SHINHO X-18 Ribbon Fiber Thermal Stripper Shinho X-18 Thermal Stripper is a newly developed hand-held thermal stripper, specially designed for nondestructive thermal stripping of the jacket of ribbon cable up to 12 fibers. A good and reliable tool for ribbon fiber splicing work. more

  • OTDR
    Handheld Singlemode Multimode OTDR X60
    Able to meet FTTx testing needs. Several wavelengths can be chosen. Large touch screen + shortcut keys, easy to operate Solid casing design, dustproof and shockproof.
  • OTDR
    Handheld Singlemode Multimode OTDR XHO5000
    Integrated design, smart and rugged IP65 protection level, outdoor enhanced 7-inch anti-reflection LCD screen PON online test module (1625nm) is optional MMF test module (850/1300nm) is optional Support multi-language display and input
  • Fiber optic fusion splicing tool kit
    OTDR Launch Cable (500m/1km/2km/3km/5km)
    Used to occupy OTDR“Dead Zones" High-quality armored fiber launch cables Make installers activity more comfortable and practical
  • OTDR
    Mini OTDR Optical Time Domain Reflectometer X30
    Small, light and portable One-click red-light switch-on function Large touch screen + shortcut keys, easy to operate Solid casing design, dustproof and shockproof
  • OTDR
    Multifunction Handheld SM MM OTDR X2100
    Various wavelength and dynamic ranges are available Touch-sensitive and solid physical button, robust design Excellent for short-range measurement, Dead zone: 0.8m/4m Maximum sampling resolution:5cm VFL, power meter, laser source, GPS, Wifi/Bluetooth, IOT are optional
  • OTDR
    Minini OTDR SHINHO X-1100
    X-1100 series OTDR is a mini version of X-2100. It combines 9 functions at one machine. Different colors for choice. Features 1. 12-in-one function: OTDR,VFL,OPM,OLS,Cable Test Event map, fiber inspection, loss test and flashlight. 2. The 4.3-inch full-view capacitive touch screen supports multi-touch 3. Cover plate type tempered glass panel, don't worry about screen scratch 4. Support horizontal version, vertical version, perfect fusion of the two habits of user operations 5. Support charging treasure charging, do not worry about the battery is not enough 6. In line with the international standards of test data with perfect simulation software, so that your report more simple 7. Sink type light port design, so that the instrument light port to get better protection 8. Support U disk, SD card and Micro USB export data protection 9. Any interface supports screen capture
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  • OTDR
    Handheld OTDR X70
    Large touch screen + shortcut keys, easy to operate. Large-capacity polymer lithium battery, with super long working hours. Intelligent testing, simple use, powerful function. Media of Memory card and SD card, with super large storage capacity of traces. Able to meet FTTx testing needs. Several wavelengths can be chosen. Solid casing design, dustproof and shockproof.
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