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  •  Large Diameter Optical Fiber Cleaver

    LDC-100 Large Diameter Optical Fiber Cleaver * Applicable to cladding diameter 80μm~600μm fibers * Vacuum pump V-groove convenient to put fiber * Durable blade, lifetime more than 20000 times * Data storage 4000 groups * User friendly GUI menu, easy to operate more

  • Multi-Core Fiber Fusion Splicer

    S-22 Multi-Core Fiber Fusion Splicer The 1st Fully Automatic Multi-core Fiber Fusion Splicer in China more

  • PM fiber fusion splicer

    Polarization Maintaining (PM) Fiber Fusion Splicer S-12 *Suitable for SM/MM/PM fibers splicing * Core to core alignment, low splicing loss * Endview and Profile observation and alignment * Arc automatic calibration and splicing * PM fiber  45 and 90 degree alignment * Applicable to variety fibers splicing, such as Panda ,bow-tie and elliptical fiber more

  • LDF Splicer S-37

    S-37 LDF Speialty Fiber Fusion Splicer SHINHO S-37 is the latest model we developed, it could splice fiber cladding diameter from 125 to 500μm with low splice loss. We equipped the machine with 3 different fiber holders, and 2 pairs of spare electrodes. more

  • ribbon fiber fusion splicer

    Ribbon Fiber Fusion Splicer X950 Ribbon fiber fusion splicer for single fiber and 2-12 cores fibers Accurate fiber alignment, low splicing loss Robust industrial design, easy to operate more

  • core alignment fusion splicer

    Core to Core Alignment Fiber Fusion Splicer X900 Six motors fusion splicer, real core to core alignment technology. 6s splicing, 18s heating, identify fiber types automatically. Used for WAN/ MAN/ Telecommunication projects. more

  • fiber optical splicing machine

    Robust Multi Function ARC Fusion Splicer S16 Robust industrial design, anti-shock, dust-proof and water resistant. Touch screen display, combined with keypad operation Multi function holder for bare fiber, patch cords, drop cable etc. Fast splicing and heating, automatic ARC calibration. more

  • Thermal stripper

    SHINHO X-18 Ribbon Fiber Thermal Stripper Shinho X-18 Thermal Stripper is a newly developed hand-held thermal stripper, specially designed for nondestructive thermal stripping of the jacket of ribbon cable up to 12 fibers. A good and reliable tool for ribbon fiber splicing work. more

  • What is ribbon cable?
    What is ribbon cable?
    • 2024-02-23

    Fiber ribbons are made by joining multiple optical fibers in ribbon form. Each individual fiber in a ribbon is aligned in a single row and impregnated with an acrylate UV curable resin. These fiber ribbons are stacked into a matrix structure to form a bundle inside a central core tube or in stranded multi-tubes. Ribbon cables offer higher fiber counts and greater fiber density than any other ...

  • Choose cladding or core alignment fiber optic fusion splicer
    Choose cladding or core alignment fiber optic fusion splicer
    • 2024-02-04

    Currently, there are two aligning systems used for fusion splicer which are the core alignment and cladding alignment system. Core Alignment Fusion Splicer Core alignment splicing is currently the most commonly used fusion splicing technology. Core alignment splicers use a combination of image and light detection systems that “view” the fiber cores to measure and monitor core position during the a...

  • Use and maintenance of fusion splicer
    Use and maintenance of fusion splicer
    • 2024-01-26

    An optical fiber splicing machine is an essential piece of equipment in optical fiber and cable engineering and maintenance, which can complete the splicing of single-mode, multi-mode, dispersion-shifted and non-zero dispersion-shifted optical fibers. The structure of the optical fiber welding machine is precise and expensive, and many places need attention in the daily use and maintenance process...

  • Main applications of single-frequency narrow linewidth fiber lasers
    Main applications of single-frequency narrow linewidth fiber lasers
    • 2024-01-19

       At present, the most urgent need for single-frequency narrow linewidth lasers is the development of optical fiber sensor technology.With the increase of social needs and the development of optical fiber sensor technology itself, a large number of optical fiber sensors have gradually become practical.Many of these fiber optic sensors require a single-frequency narrow linewidth laser so...

  • Ribbon Fiber Benefits & Disadvantages
    Ribbon Fiber Benefits & Disadvantages
    • 2024-01-09

    In order to meet the increasing system bandwidth needs, local area network (LAN) campus and building backbones, as well as data center backbones, are migrating to higher cabled fiber counts. Ribbon fiber optic cables can offer the highest fiber density relative to cable size, maximize utilization of pathway and spaces and facilitate ease of termination, which makes them an ideal solution for the n...

  • Large Diameter Fusion Splucer
    Large Diameter Fusion Splucer
    • 2023-12-29

    Today, many industries use a laser cutting machine to cut metals beautifully, because using this machine can easily create arbitrary shapes on the metal. Laser metal cutting machine is useful for many factories and businesses ,can cut metal in a short time and is also very cost-effective. Laser metal cutting machine is one of the most useful and widely used methods that can eas...

  • What is Return Loss for Fiber Connectors?
    What is Return Loss for Fiber Connectors?
    • 2023-12-22

    Conception Return loss is the amount of optical power reflected in the source due to a mismatch between the connector and the fiber. It is expressed in decibels (dB) and is caused by factors, such as surface imperfections, fiber core diameter variations, and axial misalignments. Return loss can lead to signal interference, distortion, and reduced transmission distance. Measurement of Return Loss T...

  • Why is the fiber cleaver still not good after changing the blade?
    Why is the fiber cleaver still not good after changing the blade?
    • 2023-12-15

    Why is the fiber cleaver still not good after changing the blade? Fiber cleavers cut quartz glass optical fibers as thin as hair. Only when the end of the cut optical fiber is still flat after being magnified hundreds of times, it can be used for device packaging, cold splicing, and discharge splicing. The blade of the optical fiber cleaver is a consumable part. After long-term cutting, it will di...

  • Fiber Optic Fusion Splicers and How They Work
    Fiber Optic Fusion Splicers and How They Work
    • 2023-12-08

    Before optical fibers can be successfully fusion spliced, they need to be carefully stripped of their outer jackets and polymer coating, thoroughly cleaned and then precisely cleaved to form smooth, perpendicular end faces. Once all of this has been completed, each fiber is placed into a holder in the splicer’s enclosure. From this point on, the fiber optic fusion splicer takes over the rest ...

  • Introduction of Multi-core Fiber
    Introduction of Multi-core Fiber
    • 2023-11-30

    1.Background Multi-core Fibers are designed with multiple cores within the same fiber cladding structure, and each core is equivalent to an independent transmission unit. Within the same fiber, multiple signals are transmitted independently along different cores. With the development of the information society, the demand for data transmission is increasing, and traditional single-mode optical fib...

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