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  •  Large Diameter Optical Fiber Cleaver

    LDC-100 Large Diameter Optical Fiber Cleaver * Applicable to cladding diameter 80μm~600μm fibers * Vacuum pump V-groove convenient to put fiber * Durable blade, lifetime more than 20000 times * Data storage 4000 groups * User friendly GUI menu, easy to operate more

  • Multi-Core Fiber Fusion Splicer

    S-22 Multi-Core Fiber Fusion Splicer The 1st Fully Automatic Multi-core Fiber Fusion Splicer in China more

  • PM fiber fusion splicer

    Polarization Maintaining (PM) Fiber Fusion Splicer S-12 *Suitablt for SM/MM/PM fibers splicing * Core to core alignment, low splicing loss * Endview and Profile observation and alignment * Arc automatic calibration and splicing * PM fiber  45 and 90 degree alignment * Applicable to variety fibers splicing, such as Panda ,bow-tie and elliptical fiber more

  • LDF Splicer S-37

    S-37 LDF Speialty Fiber Fusion Splicer SHINHO S-37 is the latest model we developed, it could splice fiber cladding diameter from 125 to 500μm with low splice loss. We equipped the machine with 3 different fiber holders, and 2 pairs of spare electrodes. more

  • ribbon fiber fusion splicer

    Ribbon Fiber Fusion Splicer X950 Ribbon fiber fusion splicer for single fiber and 2-12 cores fibers Accurate fiber alignment, low splicing loss Robust industrial design, easy to operate more

  • core alignment fusion splicer

    Core to Core Alignment Fiber Fusion Splicer X900 Six motors fusion splicer, real core to core alignment technology. 6s splicing, 18s heating, identify fiber types automatically. Used for WAN/ MAN/ Telecommunication projects. more

  • fiber optical splicing machine

    Robust Multi Function ARC Fusion Splicer S16 Robust industrial design, anti-shock, dust-proof and water resistant. Touch screen display, combined with keypad operation Multi function holder for bare fiber, patch cords, drop cable etc. Fast splicing and heating, automatic ARC calibration. more

  • Thermal stripper

    SHINHO X-18 Ribbon Fiber Thermal Stripper Shinho X-18 Thermal Stripper is a newly developed hand-held thermal stripper, specially designed for nondestructive thermal stripping of the jacket of ribbon cable up to 12 fibers. A good and reliable tool for ribbon fiber splicing work. more

  • What Are Optical Fiber Inspection Tools?
    What Are Optical Fiber Inspection Tools?
    • 2023-05-29

    Optical fibers are found in fiber optic cables, which are a special form of network cable. Unlike other network cables, fiber optic cables work by transmitting light through tiny plastic or glass tubes. This allows them to transfer data at super-fast speeds. They are most commonly found in the telecommunications industry, but are also used in medicine and science. The best cable locators are also ...

  • COMMUNICASIA Tradeshow
    COMMUNICASIA Tradeshow
    • 2023-05-29

    Shinho will attend Asia Tech x Singapore 2023(CMMA 2023). We are sincerely to invite you to meet with us at 3K2-05.  Show days: June 07 to June 09, 9:30-18:00. Contact your sales representive to arrange a face to face interview with us.

  • How to select and use an OTDR?
    How to select and use an OTDR?
    • 2023-05-26

    OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflectometer) Overview An optical time-domain reflectometer or OTDR is an instrument that characterizes an optical fiber. There are two categories of an OTDR, namely bench-top and hand-held. Depending on the power source of the reflectometer, the two categories differ from one another. In a bench-top OTDR, the power source is direct AC, while in the case of hand-held OTD...

  • Use of Large-Diameter Optical Fiber Technology——Industrial Applications and Technology Trends
    Use of Large-Diameter Optical Fiber Technology——Industrial Applications and Technology Trends
    • 2023-05-19

    Connection and application of energy transmission optical fiber   For the application of energy-transmitting optical fiber in lasers, the main index to measure its performance is the coupling efficiency of laser and optical fiber, or the laser transmission efficiency of optical fiber (it can also be expressed by insertion loss/connection loss). This includes the connection between the laser a...

  • PM fusion splicer used in Fiber-Pigtailed AO Modulator
    PM fusion splicer used in Fiber-Pigtailed AO Modulator
    • 2023-05-12

      High power and high speed fiber optic acousto-optic modulator (hereinafter referred to as: fiber optic acousto-optic modulator) is one of the core components of the all-fiber laser link in the cold atomic cabinet. It has the advantages of ultra-high extinction ratio, low insertion loss and fast rise time. It can select and modulate the pulse laser, and provide stable and reliable light sour...

  • Welcome Our Honored Client to Visit Us!
    Welcome Our Honored Client to Visit Us!
    • 2023-04-28

    On April 26, we have the valued distributor form Bangladesh to visit us. Our boss Philly meet with Mr Tareq in our factory. TBS is our official distributor in BD. During the visit, we have discussed the close cooperation between us and the years' plan.  Thanks very much to Mr Tareq's visit. Hope we could meet next time. 

  • What is XGS PON?
    What is XGS PON?
    • 2023-05-06

    What is XGS PON? XG-PON and XGS-PON belong to the GPON series, and from a technical roadmap, XGS-PON is the technological evolution of XG-PON.  XG-PON and XGS-PON are both 10G PON, with the main difference being that XG-PON is an asymmetric PON, and the up/down speed of the PON port is 2.5G/10G, XGS-PON is a symmetric PON, with an up/down speed of 10G/10G at the PON port. The main PON te...

  • Fiber Lasers and Applications
    Fiber Lasers and Applications
    • 2023-04-28

    Since the early 1990s, fiber lasers have established themselves in the telecom and medical procedure markets, as well as in a variety of advanced and scientific applications. The wide wavelength range, narrow linewidths, polarized or unpolarized emissions, short pulse durations, single-mode operation, insensitivity to environmental conditions, and compact size of fiber lasers make them a favorable...

  • Fiber To The Home – FTTH
    Fiber To The Home – FTTH
    • 2023-04-21

    Fiber To The Home – FTTH Fiber to the home is currently among the most-used phrase in the world of telecommunication. How is FTTH beneficial for households and why do you think the importance of FTTH technology growing significantly over time? The fiber-based network has eased the needs and thus acquired market shares. More buildings and house owners are shifting towards the convenient solutions b...

  • Fusion splicer using in fiber optic gyroscope(FOG)
    Fusion splicer using in fiber optic gyroscope(FOG)
    • 2023-04-14

        Fusion splicer is more and more important in production of Fiber optic gyroscope(FOG).But do you know what is the method of Fiber optic gyroscope?     Fiber optic gyroscope is based on Sagnac effect, that is, after the light wave propagating in the opposite direction along the closed optical path returns to the initial point of interference, the phase difference o...

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