Celebration Merry Christmas with SHINHO

Celebration Merry Christmas with SHINHO

  • 2019-12-24

Merry Christmas!

  Shinho would like to share all of its best wishes&expectations to the customers. And hope all of us have a bright future.

  What is the future? Digital and intelligent learning, life and work are the future. Further more,the development speed of wired and wireless transmission of data determines the future development speed of digital and intelligent world.

  With the continuous development of communication technology and the continuous expansion of application scenarios, PM(polarization-maintaining) optical fiber has more and more application requirements. As a representative special fiber, PM fiber is mainly used in sensors such as fiber optic gyroscope and fiber optic hydrophone and fiber optic communication systems such as DWDM and EDFA. Its application fields are also very extensive, mainly including aerospace, aviation, navigation, industrial manufacturing technology and communications. 

  PM fiber research and development direction are mainly concentrated in the following five aspects:

A:adopt new technology of photonic crystal fiber manufacturing new high-performance PM fiber;

B: temperature adaptive PM fibers that meet environmental requirements in aviation, aerospace and other fields;

C: Rare-earth doped PM fibers to meet the application needs of optical amplifiers and other devices; Fluoride PM fiber, which promotes the development of fiber optic interference technology in the field of infrared astronomy; Low attenuation PM fiber providing a new solution for PMD compensation in high-speed transmission systems.

  However, it is not enough for the application of R&D for PM fiber. Multiple conversions are needed between devices and terminals, and the connection between fibers is essential. How to keep the low loss and firmness of the connection point in the fiber optic fusion splicing is a great challenge to the fusion splicer. How to produce stable and efficient fusion splicer, Shinho will explore with you.

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