How to Assemble a Shinho fusion splicer

How to Assemble a Shinho fusion splicer

  • 2020-04-10

How to Assemble a Shinho fusion splicer

COVID-19 is spreading all over the world now. Warm Prompt by Shinho fiber fusion splicer: Please take mask when goes out and wash your hands.Shinho will be always with you.

We, Shinho fusion splicer is keep investigating in developing and researching.At the same time, we keep training for our customer.Here is the assemble step for our machine for you:

Turn the display screen up and down without friction. Put the main board above the partition of the bottom base and fix it with a pillar.Place the upper panel of the installed screen and the ship body on the pillar, the pillar is inserted into the four holes of the panel, and each cable of the upper panel is inserted into the panel jack (note :1.2. Insert the line position can not be wrong, remember the function of each jack)

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