The Principle and Maintenance of Fiber Cleaver

The Principle and Maintenance of Fiber Cleaver

  • 2019-04-15

For fiber optics,clean and smooth end face is very important when splicing fiber optic cables.The fiber optic cleaver(Click for more information) is a crucial tool for low-loss and low-reflectance fiber optic splices and terminations.

The principle of a fiber cleaver

1.Fix fibers

Open the body cover and put the striped fiber on the V-groove.Then close the holder cover.

2.Cut the knife mark on the fiber

Slip the cutting blade and leave a knife mark on the fiber


Use an anvil to break the fiber from the opposite direction of the knife mark

Fiber Cleaver Maintenance

Clean the fiber clamps, anvils and blades with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol

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