Fiber Laser Repair Tips

Fiber Laser Repair Tips

  • 2022-04-25

Today we are going to talk how to repair the fiber lasers.

The situation of laser source warning can be simply divided into circuit damage and optical damage. If it is circuit damage, normally the circuit board is burnt and turned into black.

For optical damage simply to say is there is no output light.There are 2 damages that might have broken.

First, Pump source damage. The big power drop is the most direct signal.

Second, Laser source cable damage. If laser source cable damage the inside cable of laser source would be burnt..

Some laser maker like Raycus, they have app to help you to check out the problems one by one.

Before repairing the laser source repair, we will have following steps:

  • Check out on fiber laser provider’s app to find out problem.
  • Check the circuit board to see if it is damage.
  • Test the actual power and mark each pump power to see if there is any big power drop
  • Test the output light of the laser source cable

After defined the problem, like the cable problem. We need to disassemble the broken pump source, connect the QBH cable to the laser,then to find out the damaged laser source cable, and then to strip the cable, cleaving and ready to splice the fiber. You could use SHINHO LDC-100 LDF fiber cleaver and S-37 splicing machine to complete the job. See how it worked. It could also splice the different cladding diameters.

After the repair finished,fix the cable with tin foil tape, fix the optical fiber cable twice with glue.Then use a flashlight for curing and quick drying. Finally reinforce with foil tape.

Then coiled the pump source cable and reinforce it. Use a cotton swab to clean the QBH protective window,Finally use the power meter to detect whether the light is coming out.

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