Fiber Cleavers

Fiber Cleavers

Large Diameter Optical Fiber Cleaver

Large Diameter Optical Fiber Cleaver

  • 2020-11-06

As we all know that fiber cutting is the prerequisite and basis for fiber fusion splicing and fiber endface processing. Conventional communication optical fibers can be processed with ordinary cleavers. But how about special fibers?

With the development of optical fiber technology and the promotion of applications, various new and special optical fibers appear. For example, large-core double-clad fibers used in the field of fiber laser amplifiers, multi-mode fibers used for energy transmission, photonic crystal fibers with special structures and polarization-maintaining fibers, etc.

Some optical fibers are with much larger cladding diameter than conventional optical fibers, and the internal structure of some optical fibers is very special. It is usually difficult to obtain satisfactory cutting results with ordinary cleavers. So a specially designed new cutting machine must be used for these special fibers.

The LFC-100 cleaver of Shinho company is a product developed and designed for cutting special optical fibers, which is very suitable for cutting large diameter optical fibers(cladding diameter 80μm~600μm fibers) and optical fibers with special structures.

The cleavers use the "tension and scribe" cleaving process, where tension is applied along the length of the fiber by an automatic scribing process utilizing a diamond cleave blade. After the blade scribes the fiber, tension is maintained, causing the scribe to propagate across the fiber width and complete the cleave.

Fiber Cleaver LFC-100 is very easy to use. We provide multiple sets of upper and lower fiber holders for different fiber diameter. When cutting, you only need to select the corresponding fiber holder and cutting program according to the fiber model, and press the start button to complete Cutting.

And you can connect the fibers perfectly with Shinho Larger Diameter Fiber Fusion Splicer S-27 which is suitable for fiber coating diameter 250~1000µm.

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