PM Fiber Fusion Splicer

PM Fiber Fusion Splicer

PM optical fiber splicer used in FOG

PM optical fiber splicer used in FOG

  • 2020-10-30

The purpose of using polarization-preserving optical fiber around the loop is to improve the measurement accuracy of the system. Under the condition of the same fiber length and fiber ring diameter, the measurement accuracy of the fully polarization-preserving optical path is the highest, and of course, the cost is also the highest.

At the early time, fiber optic gyro is the use of single mode fiber around the ring, but there are two main problems is not good, one is the power of the light path attenuation than serious polarization road, generally speaking, on the premise of FOG itself precision is not high, the optimization of system is not involve the relative intensity noise), optical power is higher, the system signal-to-noise ratio, the better, this bartender polarization road dominant; Second, the anti-interference ability of the external stress of single-mode fiber is too weak, and the polarization state is very unstable when transmitted inside, which is easy to cause the random fluctuation of the final output signal of the interferometer, that is to say, the polarization error of the system is large.

So The best solution is all optical circuit devices use polarizing tail fiber.The polarization error is small and the final result is higher measurement accuracy.

Then We could easily find that during the application of the PM fibers used in Production of FOG. PM fusion splicer must be very important to it. The loss of the splicing point decide the accuracy of the FOG.

Shinho PM splicer, S-12PM would help you to solve any problems during splicing.

Polarization Maintaining (PM) Fiber Fusion Splicer

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