Shinho fusion splicer is more focused on the global market in 5G era

Shinho fusion splicer is more focused on the global market in 5G era

  • 2020-05-22

With the advent of 5G, the world of Internet of everything is about to appear in front of us. In the transmission network, more new optical fibers like g. 654E need to be applied to meet the construction demand of 5G network.Accordingly, higher requirements are put forward for products such as optical fiber welding machine.In the face of new ultra-high-speed optical fiber, special optical fiber, single-mode multi-mode general optical fiber and other optical fiber products, Shinho fusion splicer will continue to upgrade its x-series optical fiber fusion splicer ,OTDR optical time-domain reflector and other optical fiber construction solutions to meet the current and future needs of new optical fiber connection.The advantage of Shinho fusion splicer lies in its efficient r&d capability and industry-leading professional technology r&d level, which enables it to quickly respond to industry needs and prepare plans for existing and future new optical fiber

Shinho fusion splicer has been in fiber communication for many years.For the future, the whole world will attach great importance to the 5G strategy. In the future, the laying of optical fiber and the connection between FTTH fiber to the home and the base station will increase rapidly.The corresponding welding equipment and testing equipment are also increased.Shinho fusion splicer will also take advantage of this market opportunity to increase its presence in the global market.

In the process of optical network construction, the role of optical fiber splicing machine is very important, affecting the loss of the whole optical network, affecting the network data transmission, and then affecting the normal use of end-user communication network services.Shinho fusion splicer is always at the forefront of optical fiber communication construction, sensing user needs.

As a leading provider of test and detection solutions and network equipment in the global telecommunications industry, Shinho fusion splicer's x-900, x-950, s-27 and other products and solutions have been used in more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

I believe in the future Shinho fusion splicer will work with more customers to embrace the 5G era

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