What is Ribbon fiber fusion splicer?

What is Ribbon fiber fusion splicer?

  • 2020-05-15

What is Ribbon fiber fusion splicer?

To learn more about ribbon fiber fusion splicer, we need to learn about the ribbon fiber first.

What is ribbon fiber?

Ribbon fiber is done by manufacturing a series of individual optical fibers and laying them flat and bonding them to each other, usually it is 2,4,6,8,10,12 ...24 fibers boned together, typically is 12 fibers. The fibers are typically placed side by side forming a flat ribbon. A special water tight tape material is used to hold them in place.

ribbon fiber

What is the benefits of ribbon fiber?

It increases installation efficiency. Installers and technicians can perform easier and faster mass fusion splicing, which allows 12 fibers to be spliced at once. This translates to less time spent on installation, lower installation labor costs and faster restoration during downtime.

What is disadvantage of ribbon fiber?

A traditional fiber cable can bend smoothly in all directions (within proper bend radius specifications).But ribbon fiber has limited planes of motion, and can only bend along its longitudinal axis.

ribbon fiber cons disadvantage

Ribbon Fiber Applications

For outside plant cable, where the cable runs are long and straight, ribbon fiber works well. When these cables are also terminating in an outdoor enclosure, mass fusion termination is a significant advantage.

Indoors, however, ribbon fiber isn’t always the best choice: When routing ribbon fiber indoors into cabinets, it becomes challenging to manipulate the cable for terminations.

How to Splice a Ribbon Fiber?

What you need is a ribbon fiber fusion splicer, a thermal stripper, a fiber cleaver, fiber cleaning alcohol cotton or tissue.

SHINHO X-950 Ribbon Fiber Fusion Splicer

1. Put the ribbon fiber in the fiber holder.

2. Strip the fiber coating with the therma stripper.

SHINHO X-17 Thermal Stripper

3. Put the stripped fiber and fiber holder to the fiber cleaver, cut the fiber.

4. Put the fiber holder on the ribbon fiber fusion splicer. Shown as below video.

SHINHO X-950 Ribbon Fiber Fusion Splicer is a good choice if you are looking for a ribbon fiber fusion splicer, it is developed by SHINNHO technical team, with stable performance. If you have any interest, welcome to send email to sales@xhfiber.come for more details.

SHINHO X-950 Ribbon fiber fusion splicer

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