PM Fiber Fusion Splicer

PM Fiber Fusion Splicer

SHINHO S-12 PM fiber fusion splicer

SHINHO S-12 PM fiber fusion splicer

  • 2020-11-19

SHINHO S-12 PM fiber fusion splicer

SHINHO S-12 PM fiber fusion splicer is new developed by Shanghai Xianghe Fber Communication Co., Ltd in China, it is the first manufacturer in China who develops the total automatic alignment PM fiber fusion splicer, which makes PM fiber splicing more convenient. Also manual operation is available.

SHINHO S-12PM system could support 80um/125um PM fiber splicing now. It will also add 250um/400um/600um programs in short future. It supports two modes of fiber alignment.

1. Panda eye alignment

It supports alignment in different degrees, such as 0/45/90 or any degree etc.

In automatic mode, the fusion splicer will choose the smallest rotation angle to align the fiber endfaces. In manual mode, users can rotate the fiber endfaces as they want.

2. Fiber outline alignment

In this mode, the fibers could align more accurately.

SHINHO S-12PM fiber fusion splicer could be used in FOG, laser production, lab research etc. As the direct manufacturer, if you have any special technical requirement, our technical team could also offer the solutions for you. For more details, you can also visit SHINHO S-12 PM Fiber Fusion Splicer .

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