Shinho S-22 Multi-core Fiber Fusion Splicer New Launch!

Shinho S-22 Multi-core Fiber Fusion Splicer New Launch!

  • 2022-06-21
Multi-core fiber is designed with multiple cores in the same fiber cladding structure, each core is equivalent to an independent transmission unit, and in the same fiber, multiple signals are independently transmitted along different cores. At present, it has been widely used in various fields such as aerospace, aviation, navigation, industrial manufacturing technology and communication.

The latest S-22 multi-core optical fiber fusion splicer, an engineering machine suitable for outdoor operations, launched by Shanghai Xianghe Fiber Communicaiton Co., LTd, is a cost-effective product for multi-core optical fiber fusion with a cladding diameter of 125~250μm. The use of S-22 multi-core fiber fusion splicer will greatly improve its success rate of splicing and further improve work efficiency.


※ Suitable for 125~250μm multi-core fiber fusion splicing

※ Dual fiber end imaging patent, direct fiber end face view, more accurate alignment

※ Fiber outline/end face dual mode aligning technology. Different types of fibers can be spliced each other

※ Precision integrated propulsion and new focusing design ensure accurate core alignment

※ Real-time ARC calibration,  arc position adjustable

※ Support different angle fiber alignment

※ Support wind-proof cover open and close to work automatically

※ Support software upgrade, splice data and image export

※ Humanized engineering design, simple operation and easy maintenance


Fiber Type

Communication Fiber


Multi-core Fiber

2,4,6,7,8 Cores Fiber

Cladding Diameter


Coating  Diameter


Cleave Length

8~10mm (standard)

End Face Direct View

PAS and Fiber End Face Direct View Available

Typical Splicing Loss

SMF: 0.02dB, Multi-core Fiber: 0.15dB

Typical Splicing Time

45 Seconds

Operation Mode


Heating Mode


Heating Time

Typical 30 seconds, Customized

Tension Test

1.96 (+0%-+20%)

Splicing Program

40 Groups

Data Storage

4000 Splicing Records


5.0 inch Colorful LCD Display


USB2.0 Interface for Data Export, Software Upgrade, Customizable Output Signal


260mm*201mm*172mm (L*W*H)



Working Temperature


Storage  Temperature


Power Supply

External Adapter, Input: AC100-240V (50/60HZ),

Output: DC 11-13.5V 5A

Standard Package

Product Video

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