Large Diameter Fiber Cleaving Tool

Large Diameter Fiber Cleaving Tool

  • 2022-06-07

First we need to know what is Large Diameter Fiber?

Large diameter fibers (>125 µm standard telecom fibers) are used in a variety of applications such as laser systems, medical devices and sensors. Endface geometry inspection can be a challenge for these larger fibers because standard telecom interferometer systems have been developed for telecom fibers. The number of guided fiber modes is then usually very high. It can be mulitmode or singlemode.

Frequently, such fibers have a pure silica fiber core (rather than e.g. a germanosilicate core) and a fiber cladding with somewhat reduced refractive index, e.g. achieved with fluorine doping.

Famous large diameter supplier like NKT, ELUXI,LEONI ,Nufern etc.

What are the features of Large Diameter Fiber?

1. Good transmittance in a wide spectral range (Near UV to NIR).

2. It has excellent characteristics in fields such as laser welding, laser surgery, etc. that require high-power laser transmission.

3. High mechanical strength allows better operability.

4.Various terminal assemblies can meet the different requirements of customers.

What are the applications of Large Diameter Fiber?

1. UV light spot welding

2. High power laser transmission system

3. Spectral Analysis

4. Laser surgery

5. Temperature measurement

6. UV light guide

7. Fluorescence Analysis

8. Light guide lighting

How to cleave Large Diameter Fiber?

To prepare, you need to cleave the fiber after removing the coating. You can use a handle cleaving tools like scribe .At least one or both sides of the fiber surrounding the region to be cut can be taped to a clear, straight surface. The fiber must remain straight and under a small amount of tension.

And for the laser and some more sophisticated industry, a professional fiber cleaver is required. Currently LDF cleaver like Fujikura CT 104&105,106 are suitable for the cleaving. And domestic brands like Shinho LDC-100 is also an economical choice. Shinho LDC-100 currently could cut cladding diameter from 80μm to 600μm, and we are developing the fiber holder for 1000μm. It had Vacuum pump inside, provides simple fiber loading, the diamond blade enables over 20,000 times cleaving.

If you have any concern, contact Shinho for details.

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