Space-division multiplexing for optical fiber communication and applications in the future

Space-division multiplexing for optical fiber communication and applications in the future

  • 2022-02-21

The idea of multiplexing using the spatial dimension of optical fiber(SDM) can be traced back to the birth of optical fiber communication. However, as the transmission capacity of WDM transmission system based on traditional single-mode optical fiber gradually approaches the theoretical limit (~100 TB/s), and benefits from related manufacturing technology, such as optical fiber drawing and microelectronics integration technology is increasingly mature, SDM technology has become a hot topic and achieved some landmark achievements in the past decade.

In SDM system. It is important to select fiber for data transmission.Multi-Coremono-Mode Fiber is one of the  mainstream choice.It is the combination of multi-core fiber and single-mode fiber which could greatly improve the transmission rate of the system.But it needs to deal with all the signal damage problems of the two types of fiber simultaneously.

As the application of SDM technology requires MCF fibers, which is completely different from the traditional fiber, there will be more and more demand for large-scale network infrastructure construction in the future with more and more SDM applications. In 2019, Google's Dunant was the world's first undersea cable to use SDM technology. The use of SDM optical amplifiers successfully helped the cable to complete the 6,400 km high-speed (250 Tbit/s) link from the United States to France.

On this basis, higher requirements for fiber optic cable fusion splicing are put forward. How to align the core of each single-mode fiber is a major challenge for installation and maintenance personnel.Shinho fiber communicaiton has a solution for Multi-core fiber splicing.S-12PM multi-core fiber fusion splicer has a series of good calculation motheds to showing best image of Multi-core fiber aligning and spling. Low loss for each core.

Shinho fiber communicaiton will keep eys on develop the future technology to meet our customers requirement.

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