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Fiber Fusion Splicer

Splice-On Connectors (SOC) Terminate Soultion

Splice-On Connectors (SOC) Terminate Soultion

  • 2020-06-28

The SOC Solution

More recently, splice on connectors (SOC’s) were developed to address the cable management and space considerations of connectorized pigtails. Instead of a long pigtail, the body of the SOC contains a short fiber stub (essentially a micro pigtail) to which the field fiber can be fused. Because the splice protection sleeve is contained within the connector assembly underneath the boot, there is no need for a splice tray, splice chips or splice cabinet.

SOC Advantages

1. Simplified Cable Management

As explained above, SOC’s greatly simplify cable management for any fiber optic network. SOC’s require no extra rack space and eliminate the need for slack cable management. This advantage is especially important for data centers and other high-density applications.

2. More Installer Options

Installers no longer have to rely solely on traditional pigtails or mechanical splicing to achieve quick connections in the field. SOC’s are fast to install, with the added advantage of achieving low-loss connectivity.

3. Easy to Install

Installing an SOC is essentially a three-step process:
• The installer slides the SOC connector components onto the field fiber. The components include a heat-shrinkable protection sleeve and connector boot.
• Using a splicer specific SOC holder on the fusion splicer, the installer places the field fiber adjacent to the exposed fiber stub on the splice on connector. The technician then fuses the field fiber to the fiber stub that protrudes from the back of the ferrule.
• After fusing, the installer heat-shrinks the protection sleeve and slides the connector boot into place.

Successful Splice Notification

All current model fusion splicers notify the installer when a successful splice has been achieved. This eliminates guesswork, enabling SOC’s to be installed by novices and experienced technicians alike. If you are in the market for a fusion splicer, be sure to choose a model that is capable of splicing SOC' s!

Take Shinho Fiber Fusion Splicer X-800 as an example, it is not only with intelligent functions, low splice loss, but also SOC( LC, SC, ST & FC) avaliable.

Shinho Fiber Communication Co., Ltd as the leading Fiber Fusion Splicer manufacturer has developed 11 models suitable for various fiber types. OEM, ODM and other service available according to customers' requirements. (Learn more about Shinho Fiber Splicing Machine.)

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