The Fusion Splicer ARC Calibration Principle

The Fusion Splicer ARC Calibration Principle

  • 2021-03-11

Fusion Splicer ARC Calibration Principle

When you receive a new splicer after long distance transportation, or you have used the fusion splicer for a long time, for a better splicing performance, you can do an ARC calibration for this splicer. Let’s introduce how to do it based on SHINHO S-27-250 LDF fiber splicers. 

We start from the ARC degree ( it shows the Gap value after ARC discharge). If the ARC degree too small or too big, the fibers both could not be spliced well. The perfect ARC degree for SHINHO S-27-250 LDF fusion splicer is 05.

When the ARC degree is not good, we need to do ARC calibration to adjust it, ARC data (it shows the ARC Discharge current value) in the parameter menu is the key reason which will affect the ARC degree.

If ARC data is too small, the ARC discharge current will be too weak, the ARC degree will also be small. If ARC data too big, the ARC discharge current will be too strong, the ARC degree will also be big. The relationship between the ARC data and ARC degree is:

1 ARC degree 5 ARC data

For example, if current ARC degree is 03, current ARC data is 65, to make the ARC degree perfect at 05, we need to increase the ARC data by 5*(5-3)=10 units, so the ARC data should be increased from 65 to 75. If current ARC degree is 08, current ARC data is 100, we need to decrease the ARC degree by deceasing the ARC data, 5*(8-5)=15, 100-15=85, so we need to adjust the ARC data from 100 to 85.

The above description is more often used for manual ARC calibration, it is called “ARC Adjust” in the fusion splicer menu.

There are two ARC calibration methods in our S-27 LDF fusion splicer ARC menu.

1) ARC Calibration

2) ARC Adjust

1. ARC Calibration

This could be regarded as Automatic ARC calibration, users just needs to put on fibers, press ENTER button, then wait for the Calibration result says “OK”! If not ok, just repeat the steps until it says “Calibration OK!”. This method is easy, especially for not so well experienced users.

In this way, the machine will adjust the ARC data in the Parameter menu automatically according to the ARC degree.

2. ARC Ajust

This is Manual ARC calibration, it could be used for experienced users. Users can adjust the ARC data according to the ARC degree manually, this could reach some special requirements of the fusion.

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