Fiber Fusion Splicer

Fiber Fusion Splicer

The future of photonics device manufaturing- Special Fiber splicing

The future of photonics device manufaturing- Special Fiber splicing

  • 2021-02-06
Nowadays, Photonics devices are more and more widely used in daily life, involving production, life, scientific research, military industry and other aspects.The current Photonics devices mainly have the following two application directions

1 Photonics light-emitting devices
There are three kinds of semiconductor light-emitting devices: light-emitting tubes, FP lasers and DBF lasers.It is widely used in laser welding, laser marking, laser cutting and so on.

2.Photonics detection device
Optical fiber sensor, optical fiber gyroscope, optical fiber hydrophone, radar, laser ranging, etc

With so many applications of photonics device, the requirement about optical fiber is more and more strict.Not only the quantity of the fiber,but also the connection point. Shinho specialty fiber fusion splicer is growing with customer's requirement on better performance.

We are keeping R&D investment on fiber splicing and we get into the specialty fiber splicing field. We launched 2 kinds of specialty fusion splicing machines.
   a.Large diameter fiber splicing: 80um,125um,250um,500um. splicing for larger diameter fiber is on delveloping.    
   b.PM fiber splicing: PM fiber like panda fiber,Bow-tie fiber and photonic crystal fiber.
We hope to find right business partner and help customers Help customers obtain higher value.

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