Fiber Fusion Splicer

Fiber Fusion Splicer

Four motors Fusion Splicer and Six motors Fusion Splicer

Four motors Fusion Splicer and Six motors Fusion Splicer

  • 2021-01-10

Along with the popularization of the optical fiber in communication systems, the construction and maintenance of the optical fiber engineering is becoming increasingly important and the demands of fiber fusion splicing machines increase a lot.

As we all know Four Motors Fiber Fusion Splicer and Six Motors Fusion Splicer are the most common models in the market. They are with different alignment methods and suitable for different projects. So it’s important to know their difference and how to distinguish them.

Difference between 4 motors Fusion Splicer and 6 motors Fusion Splicer

1) Obviously 4 motors Fusion Splicer is with four motors in total( two propel motors& two align motors), and 6 motors Fusion Splicer is with two more focus motors;

2) 4 motors Fusion Splicer is clad to clad alignment, while 6 motors Fusion Splicer can identify fiber types(SM& MM) automatically and focus on fiber with core to core alignment;

3) 4 motors Fusion Splicer is suitable for FTTx,CATV etc. And 6 motors splicer is more suitable for long haul projects such as backbone.

Some clients don’t know much about 6 motors fusion splicer and blindly believe it is better than 4 motors. So some manufacturers propagandize their machines as 6 motors even it’s 4 motors model. They just enlarge the microscope of the machines so that the customer can see the fiber core with the naked eye or add two more motors which don’t work at all.

Note: 1)Please be careful and check if the splicing machine can identify fiber types and focus on fiber core to align.

2) Four motors Fusion Splicer is good enough for short distance fiber projects and don’t need six motors with core alignment. As long as the splice loss is low( typically 0.02dB), the machine would be good.

Shinho Fiber Communicatio Co., ltd as the leading manufacturer of Fusion Splicer can provide 12 models for different requirements, including 4 motors, 6 motors and ribbon fiber splicer. If you have any demands, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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