What is the Large Diameter Fiber Fusion Splicer?

What is the Large Diameter Fiber Fusion Splicer?

  • 2021-01-29

What is the Large Diameter Fiber Fusion Splicer?

You may know well about the 4 motors fibe fusion splicer and 6 motors fiber fusion splicer, they are widely used in fiber optic communications. As the professional manufacturer of fusion splicer, SHINHO also supplies fusion splicers for sepcialty fibers ,including large diameter fiber and PM fibers.

What is Large Diameter Fiber?

Usually the fiber cladding diameter is 125um, large dismater fiber means the fibers whose cladding diameter is more than 125um, usually they are 250um, 400um, 600um, 900um etc. The splicers for large diameter fiber splicing is the Large Diameter Fiber Fusion Splicer, also called LDF fusion splicer.

What are the famous brands of the LDF fusion splicer?

The famous brands LDF fusion splicer in the market are mainly Fujikura, but the cost is very expensive. SHINHO as the Chinese manufacturer offers a more economical but stable solution for clients.

SHINHO S-27 LDF fusion splicer introduction as below.

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