• How to Choose Connector Type
    • 2020-06-02

    When we choose OTDR or power meter, we usually need to choose the right connector type. Connector Types: Normally speaking the connector type are :SC.LC.FC .ST. SC connector was one of the first conne...

  • Three Main Splice Alignment Technologies
    • 2020-05-31

    As we all know Fiber Fusion Splicers are extremely important because the quality of the splice determines the strength of the light traveling throughout the fiber network. So we all want to get splici...

  • Shinho fusion splicer is more focused on the global market in 5G era
    • 2020-05-22

    With the advent of 5G, the world of Internet of everything is about to appear in front of us. In the transmission network, more new optical fibers like g. 654E need to be applied to meet the construct...

  • What is Ribbon fiber fusion splicer?
    • 2020-05-15

    What is Ribbon fiber fusion splicer? To learn more about ribbon fiber fusion splicer, we need to learn about the ribbon fiber first. What is ribbon fiber? Ribbon fiber is done by manufacturing a ...

  • How to maintain Shinho's fusion splicer ?
    • 2020-04-20

    Since Shinho's establishment at 2012, we are focusing on how to produce and improve our fusion splicers. We have a professional and personal production line and we have a special team for after-sales ...

  • Will 5G replace fiber-optic network?
    • 2020-04-16

    At the beginning of April, I was shocked by a news that some people linked Covid-19 to 5G network, and destroyed the towers. One simply suggests that 5G networks cause Covid-19, or symptoms of the inf...

  • How to Assemble a Shinho fusion splicer
    • 2020-04-10

    How to Assemble a Shinho fusion splicer COVID-19 is spreading all over the world now. Warm Prompt by Shinho fiber fusion splicer: Please take mask when goes out and wash your hands.Shinho will be alwa...

  • Which type fusion splicer should I choose?
    • 2020-04-02

    There are many brands and models fusion splicers in the market, are you confused of which one you should choose? Let’s talk about how to confirm which type fusion splicer you should choose from its al...

  • The Factors Influence OTDR Testing
    • 2020-03-26

    Fusion splicing provides the lowest loss and least reflectance, and is considered the strongest and most reliable method of joining two fibers. When properly executed, a splice can exhibit a loss of l...

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