• Application of Polarization-maintaining Fibers
    • 2022-05-16

    The application of polarization-maintaining fibers is becoming more and more extensive. Taking advantage of the advantages of optical fiber, driven by the Internet of Things, there will be more meanin...

  • Fiber optic sensor
    • 2022-05-13

      With the development of intelligent manufacturing and precision instruments, the demand for small stress monitoring is more and more big, the wings of the aircraft stress monitoring, for exampl...

  • How to adjust fiber cleaver blade position?
    • 2022-05-06

    How to adjust fiber cleaver blade position? Fiber cleaver is very important tool in fiber optical projects, which is used to cut fibers for fast connection or for fiber fusion splicer splicing use. So...

  • Fiber Laser Repair Tips
    • 2022-04-25

    Today we are going to talk how to repair the fiber lasers. The situation of laser source warning can be simply divided into circuit damage and optical damage. If it is circuit damage, normally the cir...

  • Hollow core fiber in Opitcal fiber telecommunication and lasers
    • 2022-04-22

        Hollow core fiber has been developed for more than 20 years and is recognized as the most revolutionary innovation in photonic crystal fiber technology. In this kind of photonic crystal ...

  • Specialty fiber fusion splicer comparison between SHINHO and Fujikura FSM
    • 2022-04-13

    There are different brands specialty fiber fusion splicers, such as Fujikura, Fitel and SHINHO. Today we will see the comparison between Fujikura FSM100P, FSM 100M, FSM100M+, FSM100P+ and Shinho speci...

  • How to select Optical Power Meter?
    • 2022-03-23

    Optical power meter is very useful and necessary for fiber optic testing. To measure optical power at the transmitter or receiver, it requires an optical power meter, an adapter for the fiber optic co...

  • Why need to use Pre-terminated Fiber
    • 2022-03-14

    Pre-termination fiber is not a fad, it is an increasingly popular way to deliver fiber cabling in a more timely and cost-effective manner. It should not be confined to major projects provided by large...

  • Application of optical fiber in medical endoscope
    • 2022-03-11

        Multimode fiber (MMF), which can transmit multiple modes in its hair-thin cross section, is an extremely efficient medium currently used to transmit spatial information light. It is wide...

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