• Core Alignment VS. Cladding Alignment
    • 2019-12-11

    5G has lead to growth of economical and convenient fusion splicing systems for a wide range of deployments including access networks, FTTH, LAN , submarine installation etc. Fusion splicing is the pro...

  • FTTH :The permanent solution for Triple-play
    • 2019-12-05

    The so-called Triple-play is the original independent traditional telecommunications network, computer Internet and cable television network will tend to infiltrate and integrate with each other. User...

  • How does a fusion splicer work?
    • 2019-11-18

    SHINHO is one specialized and original manufacturer of fusion splicers, which has a lot experience in the fusion splice filed, currently 10 models fusion splicers are launched to the market for variou...

  • The method of OTDR works
    • 2019-07-23

    OTDR(Optical Time Domain Reflectometer) is a precise photoelectric integrated instrument Which worked as Rayleigh scattering and back scattering generated by Fresnel reflection when light is transmitt...

  • 5G :Need More Fibers Optics or Less?
    • 2019-06-11

    2019 is the year of 5G.Ren Zhengfei,CEO of Huawei,had said an encouraging paragraph in an interview."We don't be affected even the world is always changing.Because we have confident.Our products is be...

  • How is the development trend of optical communication industry at present?
    • 2019-05-27

    First of all, from the global optical communication industry, the optical fiber industry is in short supply. From the perspective of regional division, Europe and the United States and other regions a...

  • How to clean the electrodes after long time using?
    • 2019-05-15

    Electrodes are a very important part of fiber fusion splicer. Fibers are jointed together via electrodes discharging. If the electrodes could not discharge well, it will also bring splicing problem. A...

  • What are the fusion splicer's classifications?
    • 2019-04-22

    What are the fusion splicer's classifications? Before splicing of the optical fiber fusion splicer, according to the material and type of the fiber, the key parameters such as the pre-melting main mel...

  • The Principle and Maintenance of Fiber Cleaver
    • 2019-04-15

    For fiber optics,clean and smooth end face is very important when splicing fiber optic cables.The fiber optic cleaver(Click for more information) is a crucial tool for low-loss and low-reflectance fib...

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