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Can 5G save more money in the future?

Can 5G save more money in the future?

  • 2019-04-02

In recent years, the fiber optic network has developed rapidly. Under the influence of fiber splicing machines, most countries have successfully launched the overall layout of fiber optic networks.

According to the relevant arrangement of the country, 5G commercial trials will be conducted in more than 20 cities throughout the country this year, and will officially begin commercialization in 2020. At present, the main benefits of 5G are as follows:

1. Higher internet speeds. In theory, the 5G Internet speed reaches several Gbps, but the actual application time is expected to be between 200Mbps and 500Mbps, because too high speed does not make sense for every user, only the special application environment will be open to more fast.

2. Higher reliability, lower delay. The latency of 1 millisecond in 5G will be significantly lower than the 20-60 milliseconds of 4G, which is more conducive to support unmanned and artificial intelligence and other related applications.

3. More extensive connection (mMtc). It can support hundreds of millions of IoT devices, and it is estimated that sensors are everywhere around your life.

In fact, the latter two benefits are mainly directed at industrial and socio-economic development. The first benefit is that ordinary people can directly appreciate. Then the question is, will the future 5G be more economical?

Industry sources said that saving money is a relative concept. In the future, in the 5G era, your usual habits such as swiping micro blogging We-chat, watching small videos, browsing news, playing games, etc. If you don’t change much, then the traffic you use will not grow too much. The continuous decline in tariffs will definitely save you money. In particular, the higher you have previously spent, the more you will save. And if 5G brings new applications, such as VR\AR, that require more traffic, and your monthly traffic consumption grows by several times or even tens of times, then surely the total expenditure will be more.

Moreover, the construction of 5G requires trillions of dollars in investment. A large number of optical fiber fusion splicers, China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom, are certainly at a loss in the early days of 5G. Therefore, the prices cannot be very low, waiting for users to increase in size in a few years. It will only be cheaper after the operating costs are reduced. Ultimately, the nation’s unlimited traffic within RMB50 a month (within an unlimited speed of 200GB) will become a reality.

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