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Fiber Fusion Splicer

Chinese Cladding Alignment Fusion Splicer VS Fujikura 22s Fusion Splicer

Chinese Cladding Alignment Fusion Splicer VS Fujikura 22s Fusion Splicer

  • 2019-03-19

We received a professional question from one customer. He says, It's clear to me that clad and core focus are in different points. So,can we say that the difference between models with clad alignment 4 motors (Active V Groove – Fujikura 22S Fusion Splicer), and models with core alignment 4 motors (SHINHO X-600 Fiber Fusion Splicer), is the position of the focal length? I mean, even though the unit has 4 motors, if the focus is pointed to clad, it will be clad alignment and if the focus is pointed to core, it will be core alignment. Is that correct?

Reply from our technical department, regarding the pure cladding alignment, optical debugging only requires a clear cladding image, there is only a white line inside the cladding, that white line is just the focus of the cladding, and it covers the fiber core image. Fujikura 22S is the cladding alignment like this. For our 4-motor machines, such as SHINHO X-600 fiber fusion splicer, it puts the object plane of the microscope between the core and the cladding during the optical debugging, so that the cladding image is not very sharp and the core image could also be seen a little, so it could be regarded as the core alignment or cladding alignment, but the accuracy of such core collimation is not enough, because the core image is not the clearest. But it is better than pure cladding alignment by the algorithms improving. The reason why we do not only focus to the fiber core is that, if the it focuses only to the fiber core, the cladding image will be very indistinct, customers will not like it, so no one chooses to point to the fiber core for 4 motors machines.

Fujikura 22S and Shinho X-600 are both designed for FTTx/FTTH/CATV projects with small size and light weight. From practical use, they have no difference.

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