How to calibrate the fiber splicing machine ARC manually?

How to calibrate the fiber splicing machine ARC manually?

  • 2020-03-13

Have you ever encountered the problem that your splicing quality is getting worse and worse after a long time using? Why would this happen and how to fix it?

One of the important influence factors is ARC.

In general, fiber fusion splicer could calibrate its ARC by temperature, humidity and air pressure automatically.

But the aging and dirty condition of the electrodes will also cause the change of discharge intensity, and the discharge center will be shifted relative to the position of optical fiber fusion.

So as to achieve low loss and stable optical fiber fusion, we need to calibrate the ARC manually to correct the discharge to the standard strength under the below conditions:

①When the temperature, humidity and air pressure of the operating environment have great changes;

②Continuous splicing failure or high loss;

③Fusion splicer is not used for a long time, or the electrodes are used too many times;

④After cleaning or replacing the electrode.

It is recommended to conduct ARC calibration after splicing 300 times for 125um fiber and 50 times for 400um fiber.

ARC test/calibration methods(Take SHINHO X-500 as an example):

1. Arc Test

For the technicians who are with rich experience , they can adjust the Arc value to make the discharge get normal as below.

Firstly, put prepared fibers on the left & right holder to test the current discharge strength(normally the ARC strength should between 8 and 10) ;

If the Arc strength is out of the reasonable range, we need to adjust the parameters(Arc Value);

Arc strength is too small: Increase value by press button(do not increase too much,5~10 is fine), then test the arc strength again.

Arc strength is too big: Decrease value by press button(do not decrease too much,5~10 is fine), then test the arc strength again.

Adjust the value until the Arc strength is in the reasonable range, and test several more times to make sure the discharge strength is stable.

2. Arc Calibration

We also make user-friendly design for the technicians who are not very familiar with fusion splicer. Prepare fibers and select [Arc Calibration].

It will display “Arc too weak” or “Arc too strong”, just repeat the calibration few times. When it shows “Arc Calibration Succeed”, it’s done.

Fiber Fusion Splicer is high precision machine that needs routine maintenance to keep it with good performance. So it is wise to choose Fusion Splicer which are easy for operation & maintenance just like SHINHO.

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