Fiber Fusion Splicer

Fiber Fusion Splicer

Large Diameter Splicing System

Large Diameter Splicing System

  • 2020-09-23

The rapid development of photonic technologies has created the need for sophisticated optical products well outside the "telecom standards." User requirements and specifications for these photonic components are both increasingly diverse and technically challenging.Large diameter fibers(> 125 µm standard telecom fibers) are used in a variety of applications such as laser systems, medical devices and sensors.

Designed for reproducibility, precision, and user-friendly operation, the Large Diameter Splicing provides the user a manufacturing approach to optical component product development. Its extreme flexibility will enable customers to realize current and future glass processing and fusion splicing needs. Currently for large diameter splicing there are mainly: Fitel S178LDF, Vytran LFS-4000,Shinho S-27LDF.

Large Diameter Fiber Specialty Fiber Fusion Splicer S27

Precision mechanical design, coupled with powerful, high contrast optics makes Shinho S-27LDF quite different. It is robust and compact;S-27-250 machine has a built-in lithium battery, which is convenient for laboratories and production lines; An extremely sophisticated image processing software package allows the user to view, in real time, the progress of a fiber splice or optical component fabrication step. The system handles fiber diameters from 125 µm to 400µm, as well as optics such as prisms and lenses, with alignment and fusion of unsurpassed quality;it can splice large-diameter fibers with only 14 seconds for one splicing, and can be used for the production of kilowatt-level fiber lasers.

Shinho S-27LDF device is particularly advantageous for service teams that travel worldwide for laser manufacturers because it weighs 2.3 kg. Splicing can be carried out with a power supply unit or a rechargeable battery. Due to its small dimensions, it takes up only a very small amount of working space. Combined with SHINHO LDF cleaver, it is the perfect splicing equipment.

Following is the datasheet of Shinho S-27 LDF splicing machine:

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