Fiber Fusion Splicer

Fiber Fusion Splicer

New Optical Fiber G.654 Series for 5G Backbone Construction

New Optical Fiber G.654 Series for 5G Backbone Construction

  • 2020-07-27

For communication operators, network increment and high speed are the primary issues. At present, operators' backbone networks mainly use 100G transmission systems. In order to meet the traffic demand brought by 5G(high-speed, low-power, and low-latency), it is necessary to introduce 400G transmission systems. And new optical fibers, such as G.654E optical fiber becomes a new choice for new backbone network construction.

What are the advantages of G.654E?

* Large effective area

* Ultra low loss

* Effectively reduce system nonlinear effects

* Greatly reduce the number of system relay stations

* Avoid large-scale changes to the backbone network structure

* Reduce the construction cost of the terrestrial transmission system

What instruments are needed for G.654E optical fiber construction?

As G.654.E is with large effective area, some fusion splicers cannot accurately identify the core and cladding, and need to be set to cladding alignment or even multi-mode mode to splice, which would have a potential impact on splicing loss.

So it's better to choose high precision core alignment Fusion Splicer.

Shinho Fiber Fusion Splicer X-900 is with 6-motor core to core alignment and can identify fiber types automatically. Its components are imported directly from Japan with high quality, suitable backbone construction and other projects.(Learn more about Shinho X-900)

Core to Core Alignment Fiber Fusion Splicer X900

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