Fiber Fusion Splicer

Fiber Fusion Splicer

Steps Needed to Complete a Fusion Splicer

Steps Needed to Complete a Fusion Splicer

  • 2021-12-19

Steps Needed to Complete a Fusion Splice

There are four important steps to completing a successful fusion splice. Both fiber ends must be prepared with care and in the following order. Failure in one of these four critical steps means a an inferior or useless splice.

#1. First you must strip the fiber. To prepare the fiber for fusion splicing, the protective polymer coating around the optical fiber must be removed. This can be accomplished by using a manual mechanical stripper or a thermal stripper.

# 2. Next you need to clean and cleave the fiber. This is best done using a precision fiber cleaver. Note - you are not cutting the fiber. You are breaking the fiber by introducing a crack. At this point the break must be precise. The ends must be perpendicular and smooth across the axis. In other words the break must be “clean”. Prior to cleaving the fiber you must be sure to clean the stripped fiber with isopropyl alcohol or a similar fiber optic cleaning solution.

#3. You are now ready to join the fiber together with the fusion splicer. This process involves the alignment of the two ends of the fibers and the melting of those fibers. Once the end faces of the fiber are aligned the splicer uses an electric arc to produce the fusion of the two fibers and permanently join them.

#4. The final step is to protect the fusion splice from damage such as stretching or rough handling. You should place a protective heat shrink sleeve around the fusion area. These sleeves are specially designed protector sleeves which provide support to the splice area.

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