How to maintain Shinho's fusion splicer ?

How to maintain Shinho's fusion splicer ?

  • 2020-04-20

Since Shinho's establishment at 2012, we are focusing on how to produce and improve our fusion splicers. We have a professional and personal production line and we have a special team for after-sales service. our After Sales service team has maintained and repaired different generations of our fusion splicer. From the years we have noticed that most of the splicers which sent back for service were only due to a non adaptive or no regular cleaning of the critical parts of the splicer.

These critical parts are the following :
1. V groove
2. Clamps and pads
3.Camera's focus lens

As the splicer is used, dust or fiber optic waste lay or accumulate on those different parts causing the following problems : Motor problems  , Camera's focus problem.

In order to help you self maintain Shinho fusion splicer, please find below the instructions  to clean efficiently your Shinho Fusion splicer.

1. Cleaning V groove
V-groove is a V slot on the ceramic substrate of narrow width .As soon as too many dust has accumulated on the V groove, fiber optics show an offset too important which prevent the motors to correct the offest and align the fibers. In worst case  motors can be blocked on a far end position.It is then essential to clean regularly.

The following is the way of cleaning the V groove:

2. Cleaning Clamps and Pads
The dust accumulated on the fiber press foot will cause the pressure instability and affect the quality of fusion. So, it should be wiped off from the fiber pressure foot regularly.

First ,Open the windproof cover; Second, use the cotton dipped in alcohol to clean the surface of the presser foot. Notice:When cleaning, don't repeat back and forth with cotton, but to wipe the foot in one direction. Besides, users need to spin the cotton swabs, keeping the unused cotton facing the presser foot, waiting for the alcohol volatile.

3.Cleaning Objective Lens
Microscope is the core component of the machine optical system. So its' surface must be kept clean, and users should do regular cleaning. The microscope is cleaned by the swab which dipped in a little alcohol, with a spiral movement from the center to the edge of the lens and the rotation around the swab until to spin out the edge of the lens.

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