Ribbon Fiber Fusion Splicer

Ribbon Fiber Fusion Splicer

How To Splice Ribbon Fiber

How To Splice Ribbon Fiber

  • 2020-12-06

As we know ordinary fiber splicing machine is generally refers to the single core fiber fusion splicer, but except this, there are special models used for ribbon fiber, large diameter fiber and polarization maintaining fiber splicing machine. And we will talk about how to splice ribbon fiber today.

The characteristic of ribbon fiber is that it is wider than a single fiber. The common single-core fiber is a cylindrical one with a diameter of 0.125mm, while the 12-core ribbon fiber is flat and 3mm wide. Besides, there also have 2/4/6/8 cores fiber divided by cable core number. The integral connection requires multi-core fibers to be connected at the same time with heat shrinkable protection. The final connection point has the same volume as that of single core fiber connection point, which gives full play to the characteristics of fast and convenient connection of ribbon fiber.

How to splice ribbon fibers?

Shinho Ribbon Fiber Fusion Splicer X-950 can melt the two ends of the optical fiber and using collimation principle to move smoothly, then realize the coupling of optical fiber mode field. Note: This optical fiber refers to each fiber in the cable.

Ribbon Fiber Fusion Splicer X-950

1. Strip the cable, and fix the cable to the tray fiber rack.

Common fiber optic cables have layer stranded, skeleton type and central beam tube type fiber optic cables, different fiber optic cables to take different stripping methods, after stripping to fix the cable to the tray fiber frame.

2. Pass the fiber through the heat shrinkable tube respectively.

Separate different beam tubes and different colored fibers and pass through the heat shrinkable tube.After welding, the fiber splice can be protected with a heat shrinkable tube.

3. Prepare optical fiber end face.

The quality of fiber end faces will directly affect the connection quality, so before welding, we must first make qualified end faces.The coating layer needs to be stripped off with thermal stripper, and rubbed on the bare fiber for several times with clean cotton stained with alcohol. Then cut the fiber with precision fiber clever accordingly. For 0.25mm fiber, the cutting length is 8mm-16mm, and for 0.9mm fiber, the cutting length can only be 16mm.

4. Place the optical fiber.

Place the optical fiber in the V-groove of the fusion machine, carefully press the optical fiber presser and the optical fiber jig, set the position of the optical fiber in the presser according to the cutting length of the optical fiber, and put the optical fiber into the windshield correctly.

5. Splice the optical fiber.

When it start to splice, the optical fiber will move in the direction. During the movement, a short discharge will be generated to clean the optical fiber surface. When the gap between the end faces of the optical fiber is suitable, the splicing machine will stop the phase movement, set the initial gap, check and display the cutting Angle. The arc generated by high voltage discharge will fuse the left optical fiber to the right optical fiber, and finally the microprocessor will calculate the loss and display the value on the display.

6. Remove the fiber and strengthen the fiber with a heater.

Open the windshield and take out the fiber from the splicer, then place the heat shrinkable tube in the center of the bare fiber, put it into the heater for heating. Do not touch the heater when operating!

7.Take out the fibers with tube from the heater and fix it well.

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