Happy new year! Best wishes from Shinho~

Happy new year! Best wishes from Shinho~

  • 2020-01-01

Happy new year!  Wish all of you have a happy and prosperous New Year!

New year always means new hope, new plan and new life. Of course, the happiest moment is to buy new things! New model Fiber Fusion Splicer

New things are good, but I think keeping things being new is more important. Then how to keep fiber fusion splicer being new?

1.Electrode maintenance
Before each use of the splicing machine, please remove the dust or other particles on the electrode and check if the electrode has damage. Follow below steps to clean the oxidized electrodes after a long time using :
1)Turn off the power, loosen the screw and remove the electrode.
2)Don't let the tip of the electrode touch anything
3)Clean the electrode according to the instructions in the manual.
The electrode can be repeatedly used for more than 4000 times in normal usage.

2. Clean v-groove and fiber optic pressing hammer
If there is dust or dirt on the v- groove or the pressing hammer of the fiber, the fiber will be offset in the splicing process, resulting in the failure of the connection or increase fusion loss.

3. Clean lens and mirrors
If the lens and mirrors are contaminated, it may cause operation failure or incorrect fusion loss. So it’s necessary to clean them regularly with cotton swab dipped in pure alcohol. Caution: You’d better to remove the electrode firstly and be careful not to scratch the lens / mirrors!

4.Battery maintenance
When you get a new splicing machine, please check the power before first usage; if the battery power of the machine is low, make sure the battery fully charged one-time, do not charge for a while and use for a while. Pay attention to the heat dissipation around the charger when charging. Remember to remove the battery from the Fusion splicer and put it in a dry environment when not in use for a long time.

Anyway daily maintenance is important and benefit to the machines, it will keep good and stable performance, keep machines being new!

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