Which type fusion splicer should I choose?

Which type fusion splicer should I choose?

  • 2020-04-02

There are many brands and models fusion splicers in the market, are you confused of which one you should choose? Let’s talk about how to confirm which type fusion splicer you should choose from its alignment types technically.

There are mainly cladding alignment, core alignment, ribbon fiber fusion splicers in current market.

1. Cladding alignment fusion splicer

Common models: Fujikura 21S/22S, INNO View3, SHINHO S-16 etc.

Claddling alignment fusion splicers have two types, one is with fixed-groove splicing, the technique involves aligning the fiber cores along a single axis (inward and outward). The splicer has embedded cameras to guide the automated fusion process. This type fusion splicer has big splicing loss, not recommend to choose it.

The other one is with active-groove splicing, this type is more popular market, it could align the fiber cores in two axis (inward&outward, upward&downward), which could align the fibers more accurately, so it has lower splicing loss than fixed -groove type. It could be used widely for FTTx/FTTH projects.

SHINHO fusion splicer S-16 is with active-groove, which has stable performance and low splicing loss. Its splicing time is 6s and heating time 18s, it is anti-shock, anti-vibration, dustproof and waterproof for both indoor and outdoor projects.

shinho FTTH fusion splicer S-16

2. Core alignment fusion splicer

Common models: Fujikura 60S/70S, INNO View7, SHINHO X-900 etc.

Core alignment fusion splicer uses optical technology (including cameras) to help minimize splice loss during the fiber fusion process. After capturing digital images of the two fibers, a computer program measures and tracks positions of both cores. The system then aligns the cores along the X, Y, and Z axes. The splicer’s automated system controls core positioning to enhance splicing performance to get lower splicing loss.

If you have enough budget, it is better to choose a real core alignment fusion splicer. You can confirm if a fusion splicer is a real core alignment from two ways,

1) To check if the fusion splicer could identify fiber types and show the result on display screen

2) To check if there is a focusing process during aligning process when do splicing.

SHINHO fusion splicer X-900 is a real core alignment splicer with 6 motors, it could identify fiber types automatically and has a focusing process, it is also with very smart system and industrial quad core CPU, easy to operate and maintain.

3. Ribbon fiber fusion splicer

Common models: Fujikura 70R, INNO View F12R, SHINHO X-950 etc.

Ribbon fiber fusion splicer splices fiber cables one ribbon with up to 12 cores fibers at a time. It's a very efficient fusion splicing system, especially if you're working with a high fiber count cable. Typically, you may require specialized tools to strip the ribbon, called Thermal stripper before cleaving all fibers in it at once.

SHINHO fusion splicer X-950 is a ribbon fiber fusion splicer for 1~12 cores fibers splicing. It has the thermal stripper and other necessary accessories in one kit. It has stable but fast performance.

SHINHO Thermal Stripper X-17 for ribbon fiber fusion splicer

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