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Handheld Optical Power Meter X5001

Power measurements in dBm or mw and insertion loss in dB

More than 240 hours continual operation time

Apply to maintenance in Telecom & CATV, Fiber Optic Lab Testing etec.

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Product Details

Optical Power Meter X-5001

Optical power meter X-5001 is designed to meet the high demand. It intergrades the handheld optical power meter and the intelligent optical power meter in one unit. It can be used for the absolute power measurement and relative measurement of the link loss in dB. Its compact size, friendly operation interface, broad power measurement range, high precision and brand-new user automatic calibration function and high performance in application makes it an ideal tool for optical fiber network. 

power meter X-5001


  • Reference power level storage (Ref Setting)
  • Power measurements in dBm or mw and insertion loss in dB;
  • 10 minutes Auto-off function can be activated or deactivated.
  • Low battery consumption, more than 240 hours continual operation time;
  • Comfortable LCD display and optional backlight LCD display supports night operation;
  • Applications: Maintenance in Telecom/ Maintenance in CATV/ Fiber Optic Lab Testing/ Other Fiber Optic Measurements
  • CWDM power meter available






Measurement  Range (dBm)




Calibrated Wavelength(nm)

850,1300, 1310,1490, 1550, 1610,1625



Optical Connector

FC(interchangeable SC,ST) / as well as 2.5mm universal

Power Supply

Alkaline Battery(3 AA 1.5V batteries)

Battery Operating Time

240 h with 1.5V Battery(3)

Operating Temperature(℃)

-10 ~ +60

Storage Temperature(℃) 

-25 ~ +70

Relative Humidity

0 to 95% (non-condensing)                                                                                


200 X90 X50



Standard Accessories

1 Power meter
2 Manual
3 Protective Holster
4 1.5V AA battery *3 pcs
5 Cotton swabs

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1. Reliable product quality

1) Factory with ISO9001:2015 quality management system.

2) Strict quality control process from materials to finished products and package.

3) 100% testing and checking of products performance and package before delivery.

2. Satisfying after-sales service

1) Lifelong technical support. Any problem during using, we will offer guidance to solve the problem.

2) Quick feedback. Usually customers can get our reply within 1 hour, latest will be not over 10 hours. 

3) 24 months warranty period. Within warranty period, all repair and replacement are for free. 

4) Reasonable cost for repair & replacement. According to our experience, most problems could be solved by machine menu operation via our remote guidance, do not need repairing or replacement.

3. Industry technology leader

1) More than 20 years experience in the field. Keep developing & upgrading new technology.

2) The latest fiber core to core alignment technology, high level industrial standard design.

3) Different kinds fusion splicers cover all fiber splicing applications.

4. Strong production capacity

1) More than 10,000 units machines are produced every year.

2) Supply products to more than 50 countries and zones in the world.

3) OEM/ODM is available.

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Now Shinho's products and services are widely applied to communication engineering, home network, optical device production, scientific research,etc. They are exported to Europe, North America, Africa, South America and other Asian countries. Any inquiry, please feel free to contact us!

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    Now Shinho's products and services are widely applied to communication engineering, home network, optical device production, scientific research,etc. They are exported to Europe, North America, Africa, South America and other Asian countries. Any inquiry, please feel free to contact us!